Hello.  I’m Michael Barnes, founder and CEO of Awakened Innovations.  We help overworked and underfunded nonprofit decision-makers more easily and effectively pursue their mission.  Our web platform is a combination of Angie’s List and Upwork where we connect nonprofit leaders with high quality, vetted, nonprofit-friendly service providers.  While some question the size of this market, there are 275,000 with budgets $50k-$500k who I believe will be our main target.  I have signed about 35 service providers and talked to about 20 people in the nonprofit realm.  We created our first paying contact!

We are the perfect team to address this problem:  I have experience as a business coach helping businesses grow and find service providers as well as years acting as a business analysis and project manager on software design projects.  My partner has 20 years as a consultant and fundraiser for nonprofits, and my other partner has 20 years designing and implementing online software solutions, mainly in the banking sector.  We all share the passion and commitment to make nonprofit organizations succeed.