People keep asking how I decided to start Awakened Innovations, so here’s the abridged version.

I have significant interest in anti-human trafficking and have been networking to meet groups involved in that fight for the past few years.  I also learned that foster care, prison, and drugs intersect so spoke with nonprofits in those arenas.

What I learned is that nonprofits have the same problems that the small businesses I coached had.  Most are started by people with huge passion but often lacking significant business experience.  Because of that, there are gaps in their skill set.

The gap that Awakened Innovations addresses is experience selecting outside service providers.

Most nonprofits, when they encounter a task that needs to be completed, start by trying the DIY approach.  The leader, staff or volunteers attempt to tackle the job.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work.

So, they hire an outside vendor; however, with inexperience they often make a bad selection.  Website developers who can’t do the work or vanish with the money.  Volunteers who mess up hanging gutters or keeping the books.

All these problems, and many others I hear about, end up costing extra time and money to fix and get the job done.  Time and money that is no longer available for the mission of the organization.

With my experience networking and selection service providers, I realized, I can fix that!

And that is the genesis of Awakened Innovations.

We help nonprofits get the help they need from providers they can trust so they can focus more resources on their mission.