A story to consider…

“My wife and I were well into the process of working through an estate plan with our attorney when the SFC Estate Coaching opportunity became available through our church. ..[W]e looked at this as a ‘second opinion’… The program proved to be extremely helpful to our overall plan. A very positive point for us going in was that there was no selling of any product. [Our SFC Coach] was both knowledgeable and professional. He knew the right questions to ask, had answers to each of our questions and was exactly what we needed to navigate the legal ‘jargon’ associated with this type of planning…We strongly recommend that anyone considering estate planning take advantage of the SFC Estate Coaching program when offered. You will not regret the decision.”

Mark & Bev Brueggemann

St. Paul Lutheran Church

  • Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who die do not leave any type of estate gift to their parish/congregation?
  • Did you know that 65% of families do not have any will or estate plan?
  • Did you know that75% of people who do have a will do not know what is in it or do not like the contents?
  • Did you know that 80% of families with young children are leaving the guardianship of their children up to the courts?

These are pretty grim statistics for the typical congregation.

Add to this, most congregations are struggling financially and actually having to let go of qualified professional church workers.

The Solution:

Create and Grow your Endowment or Foundation Fund through Third Party Validation.

What is Third Party Validation?

It is contracting with outside resources that have no connection to any one particular organization.  They are there just to help members of your congregation complete their estate plan and in the process show them options and opportunities to be charitable.

Want to hear a great statistic?

On average, for every 10 people that SFC Estate Coaching has worked with it, it has brought $1,000,000.00 directed towards the contract organization.  Almost to good to be true.

That is a Great Rate of Return on Your Investment.

No Gimmicks
Completely Confidential
A Gift from the Church to the Congregation

To learn more about how you can help improve your statistics, connect with SFC Estate Coaching.  Call for more information (513) 394-6423 of how your congregation can benefit from these services.  If you prefer, feel free to visit our online calendar to select a time of your convenience and we will reach out to you.