So much has been going on in the past few weeks at Awakened Innovations! I’m excited to share our progress and look forward to keeping you updated in the future.


Marketing: There has been significant progress on building our team for success, as well. With graduation, my attention has returned to reaching out to service-providers and nonprofit customers. To this end, I am talking to a person to help with marketing. Hopefully, by the next update, she will have joined the team.

VA: I have found a virtual assistant to help with many of the tasks that come with building a business. She is a great lady from the Philippines who has done work for some of my friends. Right now, she is helping me with developing some marketing materials.


We continue networking and reaching out to service providers and nonprofits. We have made several introductions and had some turn into closed business. We are excited for both parties!

Sandy Nagel, my Nonprofit Guru, has been amazing. Her contacts are deep and wide and have opened several doors for us. In fact, I’ve had to hold her back a little to make sure we don’t “overwhelm the system” as we get started.

Founder Institute and Graduation

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 weeks that we’ve been “learning through doing” with the Founder Institute. It’s been a very stressful and time-consuming endeavor. Yet, it made sure we put many of the basics in place that most businesses skip over. It has pushed us with “Special Assignments” and reminded us that a little hard work won’t kill us 🙂 In all, a great experience.

We will have our graduation as part of Cincinnati Startup Week. Our ceremony and pitch night will be at 4:30pm on Thursday, October 11. This event is open to the public in Union Hall (1311 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 452020). I look forward to seeing all who can make it!