Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund

When Ellie was first rescued and adopted, she was in the ER 12 times, and hospitalized 7.  Once her congenital lung condition was diagnosed, she underwent costly surgery. She requires ongoing treatment to this day.

The numerous trips to the vet and countless hours waiting for her to come out of treatment or surgery gave her humans exposure to others who adored their pets and were crushed to discover they couldn’t afford the treatment their fur kids needed.

Seeing this need, in 2015 her family founded Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund (ERDF). Through ERDF, generous animal lovers who can imagine the heartache of having to surrender or euthanize a companion animal they loved, find the honor to be a part of keeping that from happening to another family’s pet.


In the last 3.5 years, ERDF has helped 135 pets. In 2018 alone, they served 53 pets. Through the contribution of generous pet lovers, ERDF has been able to spend $80,850 on emergency & specialty veterinary care. This care has enabled 53 families to remain intact as their fur companions stayed in their families.

ERDF has been able to help diverse clients: elderly people whose sole companion is their pet; disabled children who rely on their fur buddies for emotional & physical support; and adults struggling with life-threatening illnesses whose pets give them the hope & unconditional love to fight on. Through ERDF, the generous donors have been able to enrich lives.

With 26 highly skilled veterinarians in six general and integrative practices in Greene and Montgomery counties, ERDF serves families whose pets have emergency and specialty needs.

In 2018, ERDF increased its individual donor base by 33%.  In addition, ERDF was awarded a grant for $1,000 from the Silver Friends and Golden Paws Endowment thru Greene Giving.

To learn more about how you can help service and companion animals in your area, contact:

Juli Burnell, Founder
Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund


-or through-

Michael Barnes
Awakened Innovations, Inc

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