Download here—> Fundraising Reimagined.pdf

At Awakened Innovations, our goal is to help nonprofits do better. One major challenge that nonprofits face is fundraising. The competition is fierce from other nonprofits and using the same ideas has limited utility.

Therefore, we partners with Bob Sager at Spearpoint Solutions, LLC for a night of Facilitated Brainstorming.

We had 20 attendees and developed over 100 ideas. Some were tried-and-true, others were much more innovative.

To support the nonprofit community at large, we have written up our experience so that we can share the ideas generated, as well as share our methods. Other nonprofits can take the ideas directly and use our methods to come up with their own ideas.

If you have any questions about what we did or would like to discuss implementation of any of these ideas, please reach out.

Download here—> Fundraising Reimagined.pdf

Michael Barnes

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