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Our founder, Michael Barnes, was excited to be asked to participate in an important conversation-starting piece. With the numerous nonprofits out there, overlap of services, and limitations on funding, the costs and benefits of merging nonprofits is an important discussion.

Follow this link to the article by our “Passion Partner”, BizCatalyst360.


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2 thoughts on “Better Together – Time For Nonprofits To Develop A Merger Mindset?”

  1. The time has come for nonprofits across the country to step back and leap forward with a “merger mindset” for the greater good of the lives they touch and long-term sustainability. Thanks for partnering with us on this mission-critical discussion!

  2. Merger depends upon the answer to many questions, for example :

    1. Are the missions either compatible or complimentary ?

    2. Are the Boards of Directors similar in their policy practices ?

    3. Are the staffs similar in their culture and operations ?

    4. Are the finances and financial procedures ones that can be molded, at least ultimately ?

    These questions also arise in the areas of Human Resources, Development, Quality, Compliance and Risk.

    These examples are not exhaustive, so it becomes evident that a great deal of Due Diligence, involving staff , board and hired consultants precede Merger, none of which can fail to be considered.

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