We Can Solve the Water and Food Crises: Strategies

To solve the world’s food and water crises will cost about $40B / year. This is entirely within reach. As a Christian, I am proposing that Christianity should solve these issues. As a follow-up to a list of Q&A, I am proposing some specific strategies that can be implemented.

  • Give food and water to start off. If people are starving and thirsting to death, nothing else matters. We can’t stop there, though.

Longer-term solutions

  • Support local farmers and workers in the areas we are looking to help to do whatever work is appropriate and possible. Set up training and education to give them the skills they need.
  • Develop new technologies. With problem this larges, there will always be areas of improvement beyond current technology. Get social enterprise, especially Christian oriented social-enterprise, on the case. Let’s fund those technology startups that will provide the advantages we need.
  • Provide coordination for all the current and future efforts to ensure use of the best solutions and lack of duplication of efforts.
  • Identify lynchpin issues. In every system, there are key issues. Apply pressure there and get massive results.
  • The big data warehouses like Google, Facebook and the lot? Let’s analyze what they have to find lynchpin issues and answers.
  • Beef up our legacy giving programs. Request that 25% go toward the food and water alleviation mission.
  • Stop wasting money. Get the experts involved to save churches cash on things like utilities.
  • Whenever there is a special budget for your church, also have an equivalent one for worldwide food and water solutions.
  • Talk about it from the pulpit. I’ve spent most of my life in churches. I’ve almost never heard this discussed. Except for special occasions. This should be a Church priority.
  • How about using gamification and crowdsourcing new ideas?
  • Hackathons.


And while my proposal is that Christians should take on these 2 most basic issues of the world, I strongly believe we should work with others. Bring in other faiths and show that we can find problems we all agree on and solve together, even while we maintain our separate ideologies. Work with corporations, governments, NGOs. Anyone who is honestly interested in fixing these issue.

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