It’s ONLY $30 billion!

By Michael Barnes

When I tell people that we can solve the world’s food and water problems, I often get blank stares. When I tell them it’s ONLY $30B-$100B / year, I often get simple disbelief. These numbers are far beyond what most people can imagine.

When I tell them that the Christian church can, should, and is best positioned to tackle these issues, I often get hostile responses. Defensive responses. Why is this the responsibility of Christians? Shouldn’t governments do this? If it was so easy, someone else would have/will take care of it.

I understand all these reactions. In the past, I often felt the same.

$30B-$100B? That was FAR beyond my imagining. How could we possibly raise that in any way other than government taxes? In the US, we just expect that government will solve such large issues.

And then I saw $1B donated for the repair of Notre Dame within 24-48 hours. It was instantly clear to me that the solution is entirely within our reach. OK, it really crystalized what I’ve been learning…that nothing is too large, especially for the God of the universe.

I then set out to consider what it would take to reach these, admittedly, huge amounts of money. Yes, God can solve all problems. I believe he works through us, his servants, to accomplish his purpose. As Matthew West says, (quoting God) “I sent you!”

The simplest idea would be to have Christians simply donate the money. If we assume 300M Christians in the Western World, that would be about $200 / year from each. Or $17/mo. Or about $0.60 / day. Yes, the spare change you get from buying other things. If we could marshal our resources, we could wipe out these scourges.

Another great reason for the Christian church to handle these challenges is that we are already working on the issues. Christians donate massively across the planet to help the less fortunate. So, how about we go for the gold and seek to solve the problems rather than putting Band-Aids on them?

The Christian church is already everywhere there is need. The Christian church is in all corners of the globe. There are some places where it is more or less prominent, but Christians are everywhere. ESPECIALLY helping in the poorest areas of the planet.

Overall, if I were looking for an organization to take on this set of challenges, the Christian Church would be what I would look for. Massive in size (2B globally) of like-missioned people following a single creed (more or less). The Church already exists around the world. There are already distribution networks of many sorts operating across the globe. Rousing this giant to focus on a single task would be all it would take. Expand what is already being done and focus on a cure, beyond the current treatment of symptoms…And blessed by God to have His church show His love across the planet? There is NOTHING that is impossible.

I have to be honest here…I sometimes start to wonder, “Who am I to be talking about this? How am I qualified?” Well, it’s not my expertise in food distribution. It’s not my expertise in water provision.

I believe I have been developed by God to provide the spark, the impetus, to help people come to the realization that a solution IS possible. That anything is possible with God. No problem is too big, too complex, or too expensive for God to solve.

Sure, I’ve got schooling, I’ve been a business coach, I’ve helped nonprofits grow and develop. But my greatest qualification is seeing a solution and knowing that it is possible.

Positivity?  Yup. But even more, faith. Faith that it can and will be done. Faith that God wants His people out there “doing it.”

This will take a “grand consortium” of Christians. Catholics, protestants and all other types of Christ followers. Finding a way to work together to bring about God’s good will for all mankind across the planet.

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    1. Agreed! I’m looking for momentum. I have the message progressing in one pathway. Reminds me to reach out to Marc!

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