Are you a church or school looking to improve your financial situation?

We can help.

Utilities Savings

Our partner specializes in rate code optimization, so your utility cost go down, not through reducing usage, but simply changing the rate code on your account. There is no upfront cost for them to perform the audit (gas & electric, water & sewer, local phone, long distance, internet service provider, waste, recycling and alarms). You chose which recommendations you implement and which you do not. They get paid with a split of the savings, so there is never any money out of your pocket.

  • 120+ churches saving an average of $30,000
  • 45+ educational organizations saving an average of $132,000

Stick with your current provider, they are NOT an alternative energy provider.

Legacy Giving

Do you have a legacy giving program? Do you know what one is? Did you know that 70% of Americans lack a will or estate plan? Did you know that most would like to include you in their plan if you just asked? If you lack the staff to implement a legacy giving program, or would like to supplement your current staff, let us help. Right now, numbers show a >200-fold return on investment. So, for $10,000 invested, $2,000,000 is pledged to the organization. And your members and their families are protected when they go to the next life.

Online Marketing

Is your website working? Did you know that most of your visitors will check you out online before they visit?  Will your church be found online?  Do you make a good impression?  If you’re not sure, talk to one of our providers who can give you an audit of your online presence.

Google Ad Words

Did you know Google will give a nonprofit $10,000 / month in free Adwords marketing?  The catch?  You’ve got to have a good click-thru-rate!  We have experts who can help you take advantage of Google’s generosity while making sure you get the results you are looking for.


Do you need a bookkeeper or accountant to help with your books?  Do you have a volunteer who does your books but want a 2nd set of eyes occasionally?  We have the help you need from bookkeepers to part-time CFOs.