Coaching and Consulting

Are you considering whether or not to start a nonprofit?
Do you already have your 501 (c)3 status and you’re not sure what to do next?
Are you wondering why you are having trouble getting donations and grants?

Our coaches and consultants can look at your organization’s operations and help you plot a course for the future to better pursue your mission:

  • Create a crisis management plan
  • Create a marketing/PR plan
  • Create a newsletter
  • Executive development
  • Executive/nonprofit coaching
  • Media relations
  • Nonprofit consulting
  • Strategic planning


Have you thought of everything?

Many nonprofit leaders are unsure of every topic they need to consider.  We have developed a questionnaire to help guide you.



Keep in  mind that no questionnaire can cover every topic, so while this will likely point out some of the broad topics you need to cover, there are even more.  We have experts who we can connect you with to help you dig further into your needs.